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Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're moving! (I think?)

Fort Payne, Alabama

I turned 21 on December 29, 2010...I also found out on this day that my DH had received a job offer making lotsa mora monayyy. Awesome! Then I found out it was in Fort Payne:(  WOAH...stop the bus...That's two hours away from our hometown, our families, friends & everything we've ever known. sniff...sniff...waaaaaahhhhhhh. Ok, those were my first thoughts & at times it still makes me sad but we've visited Fort Payne twice now & I think I might actually enjoy it (a little...but don't tell my hubs)  It definately sweetens the deal that I get a new house out of the move! Woop! Woop! (did I mention I loveee decorating new spaces?) I get bored easily so I've long ago became tired of the house we currently live in. Anyway, the job is at a place called Plasman & my DH is VERY excited about it. It's the job he's dreamed of having for years & we never dreamed at age 21 he would have such an incredible opportunity. 

For those of you, like me until recently, who don't know or have never heard of Fort Payne, Alabama, here's a few quick facts about it:
  1. It's the "Official Sock Capital of the World"  SCORE! I'll never go sockless (is that a word?) again!
  2. It's a city in Dekalb County with a population of about 13k.
  3. For a time beginning in 1989, Fort Payne held the world record for "Largest Cake Ever Baked", for a cake of 128,238 pounds baked to commemorate the city's centennial...I like cake, how bad could this place be?
  4. The country music group Alabama is based in Fort Payne. The city also houses the group's Fan Club and Museum.
  5. It's part of the annual "World's Longest Yard Sale"

Ok, I know I left lots out but I hate to bore you all at once...I'll let you recover & I'll fill you in on all the other details later:)

One nice thing about Fort Payne though is the views! I loveee the mountains:) 

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