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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Step by Step...

This is us:)

Welcome to For Better, For Worse! I'm so glad you stopped by:) My name is Kayla & my DH is Anthony. We're both 21 & learning all about the "real world" together. My husband amazes me with all he does & I really do not give him all the credit he deserves. We graduated high school in May 2008, he began working full-time & going to college in June 2008. He works for a large company in Cullman called Rehau as an apprentice/setter/tool maker. (I'm not exactly sure what his true title is but I think that kinda sums it up.) He also goes to Wallace State at night for Precision Machining:).

He got a new job! At a company in Fort Payne called Plasman:) His official title is Maintenance Technician...

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