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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

indecisive, as always.

Anthony & I have been looking at houses in Fort Payne for about a week now & I think we have it narrowed down to two. We're going to look at four tomorrow though so it's still up in the air. All of the houses have their own pros & cons. I love something about each of them, if I could take each of the things I love about them & combine them into one would be perfect. Unfortunately, our budget & time frame does not allow for that. So, I thought I would ask your opinion on the houses we're considering:) I know it doesn't matter what others think as long as we love our house but like I said, I'm indecisive...ALWAYS. :( It's also very important to us that we be able to sell the place quickly in case I decide to be a big 'ol fraidy cat & want to come back to Cullman. That means that some of the things, like the built in entertainment center in house #2, might be too specific for some's taste therefore they wouldn't purchase it because of that, thus, it sits on the market & I cry like a baby. In other words, we worry about the resale....In other words, I over analyze everything & have lost lots & lots of precious sleep over this decision. HELP!!! Please?!?!?!?!

#1 - I LOVEEE the front doors & stacked stones on this one!
3 bedroom/2 bath- 1601 sqft $154,500 in Fort Payne...our preferred area.


#2 - I'm not as crazy about the outside of this one but it's bigger & the inside is GORGEOUS!
It's 4 bedroom/2 bath- 1,940 sqft $179,900 in Rainsville, less desirable but still a very good location.
 LOVE this kitchen!

 There are lots of built ins...I love them but others (if we need to sell) might not.


#3 - Anthony & I love that this one has a three car garage.
It's 4 bedroom/2.5 baths, unsure of the sqft. $169,900 in Rainsville, a little bit closer to his job than the other Rainsville home though.

I'm pretty sure we won't go with #3 but Anthony really loves the 3 car garage so I thought it was worth mentioning.

So what it really comes down to is, do we want location & a lower price...or space & gorgeous details???

Thanks for any input you provide:)

*Photo credit- Dekalb County Real Estate*



  1. I am voting for 1 & 3, I know that 2 votes may be more confusing but I like both of them. I did love the inside of #2 but like you said the outside is really non-descript and everyone might not like the custom features on the inside. I loved the kitchen in #3. Remember, location, location, location, and the best school district help in resale. Love Ya, Sondra

  2. Thank you! I think we'll probably end up going with #1 just because of the location:) & the front door that I'm in love with! lol Love ya!

  3. I'm kinda leaning toward #1, but #1 and #3 are my favorites also. I will be praying and hope that God helps you make the best choices and that yall are happy with them. Love you, Crystal.

  4. Thank you Crystal:) I've done lots & lots of praying about it all...we appreciate all the prayers we can get though!!!! Love you! :)